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  • DYI Skull Template/Instruction set


     For all you Do It Yourselfers-  complete set of quality 1/4" thick hardboard MDF templates along with step by step detailed instructions (emailed PDF form) so you can make your very own chair or set of chairs. These templates will last years allowing you to make as many chairs as you like, unlike paper form templates! Watch instructional video here. 

    DONT FORGET THE COMPLETE STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE SET ($38 if purchased at Lowes) Includes 100- self drilling, small head, decorative stainless steel screws, Stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers along with black decorative covers for bolt heads. (CLICK on the option above) to ADD ONE COMPLETE HARDWARE SET TO YOUR ORDER! QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL- WILL NOT RUST. (if you are building multiple sets of chairs and need multiple sets of hardware click here

    ADD A DROP IN STAINLESS STEEL CUP HOLDER (CLICK OPTION ABOVE) Simply cut round hole in arm and insert the cup holder- has drain in bottom. Large enough for can and thick coozy. (If you are building multiple chairs click here to order multiple cup holders)

    ADD TALL TEMPLATES- Raises chair from standard Adirondack Height of approx 13" height to 17" height. (pictured) Makes getting into and out of chair easier.  (CLICK OPTION ABOVE) 

    TO BUILD: You will need some basic wood woodworking tools and have a good general knowledge of the tools and woodworking. you are handy at woodworking and would like to complete a great project with your family or buddies, below is a list of what you will need.  

    You can use a variety of different woods but pressure treated decking boards will be your best bet for the least amount of money.

    To complete this project you will need:

    6- 5/4 x 6 x 8' boards (48 lineal feet). Be sure to buy the full 1" thick boards (NOT the 3/4")

    60- 1.5" stainless or coated wood screws

    40-2" stainless or coated wood screws 

    8- 5/16 x2 " Bolts nuts and washers

    Preferred tools needed: Jig saw, table saw, chop saw, sanders, square, various drills, drivers and bits.

    Canada residents extra shipping will be needed. Please contact me for a quote.